I didn't plan to get in the middle. I generally prefer to stay silent on polarizing issues as I have friends and clients on both sides. I don't want to hurt people I care about by choosing to say #alllivesmatter instead of #blacklivesmatter because I truly believe that both are true. But I also believe #bluelivesmatter. I admittedly have a small circle of black friends and I really had to stop and think about it because I never put them in that box. One of the sweetest ladies I've ever known happens to be black. I've never given that any thought. But do you know when I decided to break my silence ... last night on a family walk.

Last night as my husband, two kids, and two dogs, walked through our safe, quiet neighborhood, we passed some neighbors. They're very sweet. She works in her yard often and keeps it perfectly manicured. He washes his truck. They always wave and smile when I run by. But last night on our walk, my black neighbor and his white wife were walking together and something was different. My black neighbor, who is also a police officer, appeared to be wearing a bullet proof vest. My heart broke.

When did we become a society so filled with hatred and fear that our neighborhood police officers, living in a safe area, fear for their safety in broad daylight? It's because there is no longer a safe place. And how can we expect that to ever be better if we want to fight to disband the very organization put in place to maintain that safety. It's not our mayor or governor that fights for our safety. They are often fighting for the people who can write the biggest checks. I don't care if you're blue or red, that's the reality.

But every single police officer that I know personally, they're fighting for us. They're fighting to keep my kids safe. They want to be the helpers. They want to be the resolution, not the problem. Are there bad police officers? Of course! Just like there are bad politicians, bad white people, and bad black people. If you wonder why that is, open your Bible and read Genesis. Our world is broken and sinful ... by one man sin entered the world. And by one man the world can be saved, go read John 3:16.

I'm sorry to my black friends that you have not been loved well and respected. I'm sorry to my police officer friends that you have not been loved well and respected for your role to maintain order and safety. My family appreciates you both ... loves you both ... and respects you both.

I'm not sorry that I will not pick a side because I think the need to "pick a side" is part of the problem. I will continue to teach my young children that #peoplematter and everyone has an important role in our lives. We are not called to be the judges of others ... but we are called to love.

And we do.

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