Do It Scared

Updated: Feb 20

December 2019 was hard. The month dealt some blows we weren’t quite ready for, and while I’m sure I’ll look back in December 2020 with celebration, in those moments, I looked ahead … scared.

Being scared can do a couple things in our lives. It can paralyze us or it can propel us.

Most often, at least for me, I feel like fear paralyzes me. Fear leads to insecurity, insecurity leads to procrastination, and procrastination leads to an intense need to watch Friends, in bed, eating pop-tarts.

But I can’t do that … at least not forever. So instead, I’m going to do it … I’m going to do it scared.

I’m going to do it scared that I’ll fail. Scared that it won’t have an impact. Scared that it won’t be enough. Scared that I’m not enough.

But I’m going to do it anyway.

This year I’m in a season of reclaiming a little bit of what I’ve lost by connecting with women who see the world as I do. As a place where we’re all on a journey to success, and we’re juggling a lot of responsibilities while we take that journey. We didn’t wake up one morning as the VP because of a family name, or because we always said yes and avoided confrontation. We aren’t the leader because we blamed our failures on everyone around us. We’re here because we wanted it all … the career thing, the mom thing, the perfect balance that we’re never going to have, but won’t give up trying. Here, we’re going to Get Real about what makes us who we are - successes, failures, struggles … all of it.

When I asked one mom to be part of the Real Moms project, she said, "I don't know that I'm doing things well ..." and I said, "that's the point - none of use are!"

I can’t wait to introduce you to some ladies that are real successes because they see the big picture. They worked hard to get to this place and I want to share pieces of their journey with you. I want to inspire you with their words, with their successes, and with their failures. I want you to glimpse into the lives of women who love the people around them.

If you need encouragement on your journey. I want to be here for you with real life examples of women just like you.

We’re all going to do this together … even if that means we do it scared.

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