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To Stay or Go

In 2007, I had a job I loved. They had just hired a wonderful director for our department, I had clients I loved and great growth potential. I also had a tiny human growing inside of me.

Over the months and weeks leading up to the birth of my daughter, I struggled with whether or not to continue at the job I loved or stay home and start a new chapter and a new job, that I knew I would also love. The decision was hard, as it always is for a mother. Some choose to go back to work because it makes them a better mother, others don't get to choose. They return to work due to financial necessity. I chose to do both. One night, as I sat and stared at that baby in the dark, I realized something. Anybody in the world could do my job, but only I could be a mother to that baby.

It was in that moment, in a rocking chair, in the middle of the night, that I decided, even without realizing it, that I was starting a new journey. A few freelance jobs turned into long term contracts, these contracts turned into months of on-site work, and before I knew what had happened, God had granted me a tremendous gift - the opportunity to be both mother and professional.

Fast forward twelve years, another child, and countless clients, Cruse PR is proud to offer companies and organizations personalized services. We believe that relationship comes first in all we do. In order to produce work that communicates with the world, we must first learn to communicate with one another. So whether you're launching a brand new concept to the market, or you're just looking for some help navigating the ever-changing social media landscape, we want to help.

We look forward to building a relationship with you soon. And if you're not a PR client, I hope you're a mom on your own journey. Our relationship may look a little different, but the experience is just as important.

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